Two Girls with a Sweet Tooth Busting Tail to Be Fit

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Two Girls with a Sweet Tooth Busting Tail to Be Fit
We are a mother-daughter team. We share a passion for working out and enjoying sweets. We are Julie and Maia. We’re on a mission. And we’d love you to join us.

There’s nothing we like more than a great pastry in the morning. We love a fresh buttery croissant with jam, but don’t get us wrong, we also avoid fast foods and enjoy a healthy vegetarian diet.

We’re new at blogging but figured there are a lot of you out there who share our passion for exercise and a well-made treat. So we decided to put out our thoughts, experiences and experiments for all to see – and to encourage a dialogue to share, enjoy and grow together in a larger community.

When it comes to exercise, we’re all over the map trying different workouts, mixing it up and keeping things fast paced and interesting. It’s variety that feeds our short attention spans, and never the same workout two days in a row. We even incorporate our dogs when the opportunity arises, a nice addition of playful energy that also helps keep them trim and healthy.

So there you have it. We’re are a mother daughter team, great friends, workout partners, pastry enthusiasts, and dog lovers that like to look good and feel good.

Two peas in a pod.

More from Two Girls thinking out loud…

Did you know that smiling can dramatically improve your workouts? While gritting your teeth may seem like the easiest way to get through it when the going gets tough, studies show that:
a) smiling helps ease the strain while working out;
b) enables you to push yourself harder;
c) and makes the workout go faster.

So sometimes you just have to fake it to make it. Julie has learned this well while rehabbing from a torn Achilles tendon. Just the action of putting those happy muscles to work triggers changes in the brain that actually make you feel happy! So go ahead and don’t be afraid to flash those pearly whites – you’ll thank us later.


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