Hooping and Sundaes

ice cream sundae - hot cakesphotoOur latest work out adventure was hula hooping with the Sweatty Betties.  Daniela, hula hoop extraordinaire, led a group of ten women in the fine art of hooping.  She supplied dance music and hula hoops.  Soon we were all giggling as we embraced our inner child and hooped away!  The setting couldn’t be more perfect – a beautiful Seattle Indian Summer evening at Gasworks Park with the sun setting over Lake Union.  We were working our cores into being lean and mean – complete with bruises from the hour long hooping session.

Besides being loads of fun – hooping is a great all around workout. Particularly hooping strengths your ab muscles and tigthens your stomach. According to the American Council of Exercise – 30 minutes of hooping burns approximately 210 calories!

Since we felt we had a good calorie burn – figured we should reward ourselves. We headed down to Ballard to Hot Cakes, after reading about their wonderful cakes. But once there and looking at their menu we ended up ordering an amazing sundae, complete with homemade nuttela, brown butter carmel and popcorn over vanilla ice cream. Truly heavenly!


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