Beer, Yoga and Magic

We started off our weekend Saturday morning with Jasyoga’s “Beer and Yoga” event at Hilliard Brewing in Ballard. Jasyoga and its owner Erin Taylor is near and dear to our hearts, not only because she sometimes does yoga and beer or wine or donuts, but she’s also our daughter/sister.  Jasyoga is a mobile yoga studio that teaches yoga to athletes – from elite professionals and college competitors to weekend warriors and recreational athletes.  Erin’s philosophy includes the ‘hit reset’ concept, the importance of finding the right balance between training and taking time for poses stretch, relax and recover so you can restore your focus on being the best you can be. Gotta love Jasyoga!

Yoga and BeerErin and Us

Hitting Reset                                                 Julie and Maia with Erin

Since we knew we were going for a Hillard’s 12th man beer after yoga, we decided to start our day with our healthy go-to breakfast – summer porridge. Our porridge is simple; oats, chia seeds, yogurt, almond milk and whatever fruit we have on hand,  all mixed in a mason jar, refrigerated, and ready to grab and go in the morning. Boom!Summer Porridge12th Man Beer 
Summer Porridge                                                          Hillard’s 12th man beer

Time to switch it up on Sunday.  We hit shefayoga on Roosevelt, a relatively new studio in our hood.  Julie has been limited in her yoga practice this summer while recovering from a torn Achilles, so we took the Hot Hatha class taught by Matt, a thoughtful and experienced yoga teacher that gave her some helpful modifications enabling her to get through the session and gain the benefits. The class focused on breath and yoga postures that build strength by working not only your muscles, but also the organs and joints.  The room was heated to over 100 degrees which felt luscious on a chilly Sunday morning.

Feeling blissed out we headed home all the while feeling a craving for the peach and cherry pies we had baked earlier in the week. We both love fruit pies but always felt challenged making the all-important crust.
 Julie had spotted a 2-hour pie-making class at A la Mode Pies in Phinney Ridge.  We got some wonderful instruction from the owner Chris, who broke it down and actually made preparing the crust easy and fun. Voila, no more crust phobia. Chris had such a wonderful enthusiasm for pie making it was contagious.  At the end of class we tasted pies in his shop and he sent us home with our beautiful pies and pint of bluebird ice cream – yum! Pie

We finished our Indian summer off by riding bikes to work and physical therapy – taking in the crisp, sunny Fall morning. Ended up making a pit stop at Solsticio Café, right off the Burke Gilman in Fremont, for a quick breakfast burrito and fresh fruit smoothie. We felt lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful weekday morning. What a summer in Seattle it has been – now on to the Fall….  Bikes at Solsticio


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