Easing into Fall

photo (30)The arc of the sun is getting shorter, but at least we’re still enjoying some nice stretches of sunny afternoons.  Those cool, crisp mornings are sometimes hard to get moving – just want to stay in the warm cocoon of bed covers.

With the arrival of fall we’re turning our workouts to more indoor venues – particularly as the sun sets earlier and earlier.  We’ve decided to start our fall transition with the nurturing comfort of restorative yoga.  Don’t get me wrong – it is not all we do – we still hit the boxing gym and other various cardio and strength workouts, but restorative right now is feeling so good.

Right now when we can we are starting our week with restorative and ending the week the same way.

We like to hit up the Friday night Community Fitness class restorative yoga with Chloe whenever possible to close out our week with a punctuation mark.  And true to form Chloe arms us with bolsters, blocks and straps to maximize our relaxation.

On Sunday night we truly enjoy Jackie’s restorative class at Shefyoga.  The heated studio is perfect for a Sunday night relax sesh complete with candlelight.  What a treat – basically we roll out of Janna’s class at 8:30 pm feeling blissed out and ready to take on whatever the week gives us.

We the onset of cold weather we’ve also have been getting more into comfort food.  The other day we were able to stop by the Sunlight for a pre-work breakfast of sesame crunch waffles smothered in fresh maple syrup and a choice of either blueberries or bananas.  Can’t help but be off to a good start with a breakfast like that!

photo (29)

One more thing before we end.  When we have a chance we like to grab a bagel from Eltana along with a communi tea kombucha.  Eltana has the kombucha, antioxidant-rich and tasty, on tap – a great boost thephoto (28) immune system.


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