Gratitude with a Side of Tea

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benefit workout

Yesterday we decided to start our morning and blog off at Café Besalu.  Inspired by our crossiants and great week, we’ve decided to use this blog to reflect.

One highlight to the week was participating in a benefit to raise money for the people of the Phillipines affected by the Typhoon. The benefit was created and organized by Isabel Milo who rallied the Sweaty Betties to the cause.

us rowing

Jim Mahan the owner of Rival fitness led us on a spirited intense indo row class.  Julie liked class because it bought back memories from back in the day when she rowed on a lightweight crew team.  The class brought out elements of rowing in a 8 oared shell in terms of team spirit that was emphasized in the class and rowing together.  Maia enjoyed the music that motivated her in class, a mix of hip hop and radio hits.  Not to mention…

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