I Got it From My Momma – Reflections

With 2014 quickly approaching, we find ourselves in a reflective mood. We conceived the idea for our blog when Julie was recovering from Achilles surgery. Our thought was we would record our workout time together and of course our latest baked good discoveries! Setting aside a little time weekly for a few thoughts about our time together has really helped us stay connected through the busyness of our lives.


Pursuing athletic activities has also been a focal point for our relationship. From Maia’s early childhood, along with her 3 siblings, we’d head off on cross country skiing outings, which evolved to snowboarding as a teenager. We were also very involved in basketball; Julie coached Maia’s youth team and Maia soon played year-round through high school. Julie also played in an adult league and together we played a lot of horse!

photo (39)




Athletics has always been a part of our family’s fiber. Julie always preferred going outside with the children to playing board games – she’s more large motor skill oriented! Giving back is also very important to us, and Julie coaches for the non-Profit Girls on the Run while Maia participates as a running buddy with the participants. Helping young girls and sharing however we can has been enjoyable and rewarding.




As 2013 closes we reflect on the relationships that are important to us. And how ours has been enhanced by planning and spending time together to work out, enjoy those special sweets we so love, and write about it! Julie feels so grateful to have this ongoing time for as long as it works for Maia.

Speaking of sweets, it is that time of year that we indulge in Julie’s fruitcake – I know you are probably thinking ugh fruitcake! But Julie developed this recipe years ago. Our recipe for fruitcake is full of two of our favorite ingredients – butter and sugar! We then add a lot of various dried fruit, dried coconut and silvered almonds – YUM!!!!fruitcake

We are so grateful for the loved ones in our lives. And we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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