New Year New Workouts New Treats

me and dad resolution run


 We started the New Year all together, Maia with a tequila hangover, Fred with a headache and Julie with the neurotic and crazy and dogs revoltuion run
Maia and her dad tackled the Resolution Run at Magnuson Park, complete with a dip in Lake Washington and attended by Julie and the dogs – there as spectators/sherpas.

We headed home and indulged in a eating a southern dish made vegan style – hoppin john and collard greens, vegan style. The dish is a tradition in the south and is said to bring a year filled with good luck.
Inspired by the dish and its’ meaning, we resolved to take 2014 by storm!

Our 2014 Plan: 

*First off we aretunisian dish going to try to workout together 3 times a week and other days on our own. 

*Continue enjoying new and different classes and workouts, as we strive to reinvent our work outs. 

*Cook something new and healthy together once a week and continue our search for sumptuous treats! 

*And last but not least Julie received a juicer for Christmas from Maia and her brother Casey – so we have been enjoying the joys of juicing, which we would love to build off by trying a new juice recipe a few times a week. photo (42)


The weekend was the time to get our 2014 workouts started!  We hit up the UFC Roosevelt gym for a boxing class on Saturday.  Exciting for Julie, first time boxing without her boot – progress! After pounding on the heavy bag and getting up a good sweat it was time for refreshments after water of course.  So we headed up Queen Anne Hill to a South African tea house called Cederberg. The friendly staff educated us on the tea selection and their pastry selection. The rooibos latte , flavored with a little honey and sprinkled with cinnamon was our drink of choice. The rooibos bush is a plant from the legume family that grows in South Africa.  The leaves of the bush are used to make a herbal tisane which technically is not a tea. Rooibos has a high level of antioxidants and no caffeine.  To go along with the delicious latte we had a cucumber cream cheese tea sandwich on whole wheat.  Now time for dessert, the melktert –  a tart with a creamy pudding like filling – tasted like a rich Snickerdoodle, fit the bill.  Tried the malva pudding also; a small honey cake so decadent definitely Julie’s favorite! roobios tea


Sunday we went to Rival Fitness in Capitol Hill for a Ride and Row class. The  class was led by Jim Mahon, the owner of the gym.  He led us on a  30 minute spin class followed by 30 minutes on the indo row machines.  Class definitely kicked our asses!rival That evening we continued our food fascination with Africa but this time in keeping with our 2014 goal of trying new recipes we cooked up a Tunisian Vegetable Tagine.Maia follows Josie Maran, a model, and entrepreneur, who established her own natural cosmetic product line.  She writes frequently about health and wellness so we thought we would try the recipe she posted. Our family loved the dish.

We are off to a good start and excited for what 2014 will bring – what about you?!

tunisian tangine


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