Going with the Flow

Yummy fresh juice

Yummy fresh juice

“The greatest weapon against stress, isour ability to choose one thought over another.”   William James

Captiol hill garage - Sonics Style

Captiol hill garage – Sonics Style

The above quote is our mantra this year, which we plan on incorporating into all facets of our daily lives.  Of course our first test came this past weekend as we headed over to Rival Fitness for their Ride and Row Class.  Of course having forgotten to sign up on line we were not able to get into the class.  Oh what to do – find another class of course!  Thanks to smartphones we were able to secure a spot for a hot hatha class at sheyafoga yoga studio for two hours later.  Well what to do in the meantime?! Well follow our noses as we explored the Capitol Hill neighborhood for an hour – coming across a cool Sonics garage painting and then on to the Juice Box.  Julie tried out the Green juice Iacinato kale, romaine heart, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon.  Maia tried the RPP – red pepper, pineapple, coconut water and key lime.  Feeling fortified and hydrated we were ready to hit Hot Hatha Yoga with Leah and get our sweat on.

Maia getting ready for spin class at Mode Studios

Maia getting ready for spin class at Mode Studios

Earlier that week we hit up Mode Studio in Capitol Hill for an energizing spin / yoga sculpt class with Anie. Mode Studio is located on 10th ave in an old building.  The studio is beautiful with high ceilings and an old wooden floor.  Anie got things started on the bike and most of the lights of the studio off with invorgaingt loud music .  Then down to the mat with some weights for a 30 min yoga sculpt – Anie’s energy kept us going for a great workout.

Having Jan 13th off in honor of Martin Luther King’s Birthday, we decided to get a day time workout in at the Barre 3 Studio on Roosevelt.  Nothing like feeling the burn in a workout they stresses small movements to really get to some of the smaller muscle groups.  After giving our bodies a quite a burn with ‘up an inch, down an inch’, we hit up Happy Feet on NE 65th street  in the Roosevelt neighborhood for intense reflexology sesh.  A session of reflexology improves circulation by then releasing tension and also cleanses the body of toxins and impurities.  Foot reflexology has been used for 100o’s of years in countries such as China and India.  The practitioners we had did a full body massage on our fully clothed bodies followed by an intense somewhat uncomfortable foot massage.  Afterwards our bodies felt great – particularly after we made a big effort to really rehydrate.

In staying with one of our resolutions, Maia found another Josie Maran recipe to try.  White Bean Kale stew is what we made for our family and football viewing.  Was delicious with some good bread and cheese.  Then it was on to the processco to toast the winning NFC Champion Seahawks –  Go Hawk all the way!white bean kale stew


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