Work Hard, Eat Good.

As the end of February quickly approached Maia scurried to get her finishing touches done for school finals. Studying at the Gary Manuel Aveda School in Capitol Hill. Working towards becoming a natural based esthetician she has been studying around the clock with this 8-5 and 7 month program, her end of term written and hands-on exams looming, the pressure was on. Maia practiced her facial techniques on Julie and ‘Bob,’ (the perfect client, and so supportive).

Bob even had happy hour with us at Poquitos, one of our top spots for good Mexican food to catch a drink after a long week of prep.   

Maia performed her hands-on bikini wax and facial flawlessly on her model – Julie!
Needless to say Julie is no longer a bikini wax virgin, though she preferred the luxurious facial administered by Maia so much more.  A big YAY on the excellent completion of both services and acing her written final – it was time to celebrate.  Being lunchtime in Capital Hill, we headed to Eltana for their tasty gourmet wood fired bagels with veggies and yemenite egg salad. cupcake

Feeling fortified, we needed a special treat to celebrate Maia’s success, so off to Cupcake Royale we went.
cupcake 1
Feeling indulgent, Maia had a lavender cupcake and Julie a red velvet – yum!!

We like to keep our workouts fresh, rediscovering new ways to get that burn. Our new addition this month’s circuit training. and after a great groupon find we were off to kinetic 6. A cute studio located in the heart of Fremont that offers 45 minute high intensity workouts with minimal equipment.  Each session is focused on lower body, upper body or core.  The routines are well balanced and our trainer Anya watches over us for proper form to minimize the risk of injury. Kinetic 6 a great addition to work on the whole body through different intense circuit work.
After our first strenuous circuit workout, feeling dazed and confused we had a intense craving and a need for protein, but being ‘non-meat eaters’ we needed veggie protein. Onward we were naturally lead to our favorite burger joint with of course their emmer rye veggie burger, Undeeda Burger in Fremont. Maia went with the Spicy Habanero burger and Julie the classic. Along with our favorite milkshake black, and blueberry to top off that sweet tooth and calcium intake of course hehe.  Work hard, Eat good.
 Food To of the Week:
 – Chia Breakfast Pudding, our new fave, yummy and healthy + very easy to make.


2 Tbs Chia Seeds, Unsweetened Coconut Milk, touch of honey, some cut up fruit (our fave right now mango & kiwi).  Throw everything in a small half pint jar and shake fast and furious then throw in the fridge overnight.  Next morning pudding time, maybe put on some nuts or cocoa nibs and enjoy.
Chia seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids and fiber along with other vitamins – great way to start your day!!
Till next time hope you are finding that right balance in your life.
Two Girls Keeping it Real