Flavors of Spring

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We took the month of May by storm! Ofcourse it certainly hasn’t hurt that the weather has been great, which has infused us with more energy. Mother’s Day was very memorable for Julie. Erin, Maia and Julie started out the day with a rowing class at Rival Fitness, an intense cardio workout which Julie embraced as an ex-oarswoman. Actually Maia and Erin had also picked up rowing for a time in their youth. For Julie it’s a treat to work out with both daughters. The rowing left us with a big appetite as we met up with Fred and Casey from the family for a special Mom’s brunch at Terra Plata. The organic and locally sourced food was delicious, and just the right thing to restore us after our workout. And quite naturally, being Mother’s Day a nice glass of rosé was in order!

We also attended the opening week of the new Modo Hot Yoga Studio in Greenlake.  The moksha/modo yoga series is based on 40 poses that are done twice in a 90min class.  The atmosphere of the studio is peaceful and calming, yet classes are challenging in working on both strength and endurance.  Modo Studio offers other classes such as yin and vinyasa.  The Modo concept is in large part focused on social consciousness.  This idea is reflected with environmentally friendly studio and pay as you go classes, just part of their 7 Pillar philosophy.  Julie appreciated the multiple variations of a pose she was not familiar with, which made the practice more accessible for her.  We both felt challenged yet rejuvenated by the class.
This month we started the Bright Street Running Group with a group of young girls from Pacific Crest  School.  We meet with the girls once a week, introduced and built on our goal of running around Green Lake at the end of the program.   The girls are great, and their enthusiasm and playfulness have made the whole experience a delight!  Taking a page from our daughter/sister Erin, the owner of Jasyoga, we incorporate a post run sequence from Erin’s yoga for athletes.  Maia has enjoyed running with the girls, while Julie’s role is coaching in view of her recovery from a follow-up surgery on her Achilles heel.  Kind of difficult to run with a boot on!
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Alyssa, our brother/ son’s fiancé from San Francisco  was in town for a work trip, which was a great excuse to explore a new place to eat.  We tried Tallulah’s, a neighborhood café/bar on 19th Avenue East in Capitol Hill.  The restaurant is on a tree-lined street with a beautiful patio.  We enjoyed a nice selection of small bites which we nursed down with avocado margaritas.  A lovely evening was had as we caught up on our busy lives.
Before the weather changed, as Memorial Day weekend approached, we took one last opportunity to enjoy the sunshine of May.  Maia met Julie and Fred (dad and husband) at Terra Plata after her classes.  After having had a wonderful brunch there, Julie really wanted to hit up the rooftop for an early dinner in the fresh air and lingering warmth of the afternoon sun.  Wow, what an awesome choice!  The rooftop was like another world above the bustle of Capitol Hill.  We shared small plates and Prosecco, and the dessert was on a whole different level.  We shared a fresh ricotta cheesecake with pistachio shortbread, rhubarb compote and lemon curd.  Then there was Julie’s new favorite dessert, salted caramel chocolate bar with peanut brittle and peanut banana semifreddo – which she’s still dreaming about! We had great food this month and connected for special time with loved ones.  Loving these long days!  Now Julie must get back to working out if she’s going to continue satisfying her lust for caramel chocolate bars!  Luckily she is getting her stitches out before the end of May, so hopefully all will be well as she turns the page in another chapter.
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