Summer sunshine has engulfed Seattle and we are so excited to take our workouts outside.  On these dog days of summer we like riding our bikes down to Green Lake to enjoy a Jasyoga sesh under the trees on Tuesday evenings.  A perfect way to top off the day and ‘reset’ with yoga sequences to bring us back in balance.  Sometimes the Jasyoga coaches make reset even sweeter with mighty o donuts at the end of class!  As a side note – Erin (daughter/sister) and owner of Jasyoga, has moved to London with her husband Mark.  We look forward to visiting them in London and checking out her new venture Jasyoga London!


photo (53)

We love to take advantage of the sunshine by integrating many of our workouts with the air, sights and sounds outside.

 photo (52)

Having the advantage of living by a beautiful ravine and summer weather, figured we would multitask.  Cal and Daisy became our new workout companions.  We started off ascending one of our favorite running hills and then doing some boot camp workouts such as plank, sprints, and our new favorite “tree sits.”   Incorporating the dogs’ tennis ball into our workout kept them involved and challenged us to make up new moves!  Time to rehydrate with one of our new favorite smoothies.  Coconut water, goji berries and raspberries all blended together with a little ice for a refreshing drink.

photo (51)



In goal of not only enjoining the outdoors, we also want to continue challenging ourselves.  Paddleboard yoga was the new class we’ve been looking forward to trying.  Ballard Surf and Paddleboard offers such a class at Shilshole Bay.  Alyssa, the newest member of our family was up for a visit with Abe (our son and brother) and she was game to give the class a try with us.  After a hot summer spell in Seattle, we of course went on the day the weather changed with even little rain in the beginning.  We have never been paddle boarding, let alone yoga on a paddleboard, and Julie was a little nervous – her goal was not to fall in the water!  Our teacher Gwendolyn, was very patient and got us up paddling in no time.  Alyssa was a pro and Maia looked like a natural, Julie brought up the rear – slow and steady!  Class set up for the yoga portion in a cove and Gwendolyn tied the paddleboard together and anchored them to a buoy.  Yoga on a paddleboard was quite a test in balance!  Julie was thrilled she did not fall in the water – success!

paddleboardstand up paddleboarding



We have heard about aerial yoga and have wanted to try it for awhile. As luck would have it, Levitas anti-gravity yoga studio opened in Fremont. Erin, our (daughter/sister) was up for trying a class with us.   Samantha, the owner, led us through the basic yoga moves while being suspended above ground on silk cocoons.  There was a lot of hanging upside down and fun twists and spins. (Not recommended to eat a meal beforehand.)  Class ended with a heavenly savansa as we were suspended in a cocoon that gently rocked above the ground.  Levitas also offers some yoga mat class.


We discovered the summer drink, if you are looking for something both refreshing and decadent.  Ginger beer floats at Rachel’s Ginger Beer in Pike Place Market.  Rachel’s has a variety of yummy flavored ginger beers on tap and when mixed with vanilla ice cream all we can say is heavenly!  A must try if you are in the area.

photo (50)Julie is sipping mango/ginger float and Maia  ginger/hibiscus


Our summer so far has been a ball – we love being outside and there is nothing better than Seattle sunshine!  Maia will now be able to enjoy summer a little bit more since graduating from the Aveda Institute as an esthetician and starting her new job as Caruh Salon and Spa.


Feel the sun on your skin – take it outside!


One thought on “TAKE IT OUTSIDE

  1. Glad the sun is shining up your way. Always great to hear what you and family are up to…and also learn some new things!

    There is a lot left of summer-hope the sun keeps shining up there and your fun continues.

    Best wishes-Aje


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