Road Trip With a Greyhound

August was a time of family visits and dog sitting.  Abe and Alyssa and their greyhound Bones, drove to Seattle from San Francisco.  Of course a visit with other members of the family is always a great time.  Bones bonded with his ‘cousins” – Cal and Daisy and became one of the gang, which was a good thing since we were taking care of Bones for 3 weeks.  We likened Bones visit as ‘summer camp’ with daily walks in the ravine, swimming at Sand Point and summer BBQ.  Bones, being a greyhound is not a great swimmer like Cal and Daisy who love the water.  As the week went on, Bones got more comfortable in the water chasing after Daisy and even was able to swim a few feet – kind of a thrashing swim but progress nonetheless.

photo (58)swim

As Abe and Alyssa departed for travels to the East Coast, Erin arrived from London for a couple of weeks.  Erin came on Jasyoga business and then was headed out to Bend, Oregon to teach yoga and mediation at Osielle’s runners camp.  Erin’s week in Seattle was a whirlwind, but fun was still had.  Julie got to be a fangirl as Erin and Maia ran the Lake Union 10k.  For Julie it is a different place to be on the fangirl side but was excited to cheer the girls on.


Erin departed for five days in Bend with the plan of Maia and Julie driving down with Bones to pick her up and head down to San Francisco.  Julie and Maia had never been to Bend so we looked forward to the roadtrip with Bones. As soon as we picked Erin up in Bend we headed over to Crux Brewery – perfect place to unwind with a beer, tacos and ice cream on their nice big lawn.  Bones enjoyed the soft grass after so many hours in the car.  We got a room  at the St Francis – a converted school in downtown Bend, so we unloaded and headed to their patio bar for a relaxing evening of Grateful Dead music and a cool refreshing beer.  The next morning Erin showed us around a little.  She took us to a wonderful coffee shop called Strictly Organic Coffee Co.  that also had the best teff and veggie breakfast burritos.  Fortified and caffeinated we took a nice long walk on the city trail that follows the river.  Soon we needed to load up and continue our road trip to SF.  Maia and Julie really enjoyed their short stint in Bend and can’t wait to come back to do some hiking, paddle boarding and drinking!

photo (1)riverbreakfast burrittobrewery

Onward to SF!  A long drive but a beautiful one through national forests.  Bones was a trooper and we made frequent stops at some  picturesque rest stops.  To past the time we had to bring out some old school music to sing along with.  Nothing quite like a girl’s roadtrip with a greyhound – had a great time!

rest stop

Abe and Alyssa were overjoyed to see Bones.  We were staying with them for 3 days before flying home and Erin flying back to London.  Our bay area trip quickly turned into a foodie trip!  We used to live in Berkeley and have some favorite spots.  First thing in the morning we drove to Berkeley and hit one of our favorite breakfast spots – La Note.  A cute French café with just a very basic but fresh breakfast.  Next on our list was Naboloms for a dessert breakfast pastry.  Naboloms is a bakery collective that makes incredible cream and fresh fruit danishes.  Julie dreams of their creamy, fruity deliciousness!  She was in heaven!!  We then walked around College Ave and then Shattuck Ave and then to Solano Ave for a pedicure – after all we are on vacation!  Our next stop was Cheeseboard that is a cheese shop that makes one type of gourmet fresh pizza each day that is written on the chalkboard.  The pizza when we stopped by was blue cheese and fig topped with arugulaphoto (28).  Have to say, pizza went very well with a bottle of la notepastriesnailsRose!  Satisfied, we made our way back to SF to spend the evening with Abe, Alyssa and Bones the greyhound.

Our road trip with a greyhound was fun way to spend time together and do some things new and some favorite old things.  We continued our quest for good food, though taking a break from working out. Feeling invigorated after our break, we looked forward to starting up our workout routine with a new vigor!

  Time spent with family members is always special.  Family is always where the heart is.


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