Think and Wonder

With 2015 upon us, we reflect on what a good year 2014 was for us.  In the past year we had resolved to take more time to slow down and breath.  Breath has been something both of us have really worked on. We both felt calmer and more centered by reminding ourselves to just breathe!  Mediation has been difficult for us to do for a period of time, so we have worked on just a few minutes throughout the day to focus on our breath and in turn have felt more centered.

As we reflect on the past year we are filled with gratitude for our family and friends. For us the wedding of Abe (son & brother) to Alyssa was the high point of the year.  They were married on December 5th in LA.  The occasion was beautiful as we witnessed their love for one another.

The dance - Abe & Alyssa

The dance – Abe & Alyssa

Surrounded by family and friends, we were enveloped in gratitude and love at their very special day.  Time spent with loved ones is really what life is all about.  As we start  a New Year, we are filled with optimism and love, we know we are lucky.  Deep appreciation for what we have as we continue to grow as people and have gratitude and compassion for those we come in contact is our resolution.

Our mantra is quote from Dr. Suess – ‘Think and wonder, wonder and think.’



Wishing you good health, happiness and love.

Julie and Maiabench 2


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