New Year – New Challenges – New Discoveries

January is a time of resolutions.  We don’t like the word ‘resolutions’, we prefer new experiences and challenges.  Our big challenge for January was an upper body challenge from a British running newsletter we get called The Running Bug.  The challenge consisted of three exercises, push ups, tricep dips and bicep curls.  This challenge was a doozy, as the days progressed the reps increased.  We got to the point where we had to break up the exercises through the day to get through them.  Whatever gets it done is our motto!upperbodychallupperbodyexec

Of course a big happening for us living in Seattle was the Super Bowl.  What a game, so exciting though not the ending we were hoping for.  Luckily we had some good snacks to get us through the game such as cauliflower hot wings – so good and no chicken died for our snack!hot wings

Discovered a artisan juice bar not far from our hood.  Jujubeet is across the street from University Village so not so crazy to get to.  For us it is a nice walk with our dogs, which we were able to do on one of the sunny January days we had.  Nice to have a fresh juice spot in walking distance. jujubeet

We checked out an Ayurveda workshop for women’s health at 8 Limbs in January.  The teacher, Melinda Meza, covered life cycle issues and related dietary support.  Yoga and Ayurvedic remedies were presented as ways to nourish and support different stages of a women’s life. A lot of good information was had. Before we hit up the workshop we dined at Thaiku – a Thai restaurant in Phinney Ridge.  They serve what is billed as traditional food found in street markets in Thailand.  Food was fresh, delicious and different – not Americanized.  Highly recommend trying this spot!thaiku

Being January and short days we found ourselves inside more and craving comfort food and soups.  One good find was ‘soup in the jar’ by Deliciously Ella.  All is you need is a mason jar, kelp noodles, miso paste, greens and maybe some sea veggies.  Throw everything into the jar, take to work and add water – yummy!  We also got into batch cooking – making enough to freeze for an easy meal.  Quinoa Kale burgers was a great find in the PCC newsletter.  We made a dozen burgers to freeze for a easy meal on a busy night.  Of course a sweet always needs to be in the mix.  One of our favorites is Green Matcha Tea Cake – and so easy to make! Check out for the recipe.soup in jargreen tea cake

On these short dark days we started experimenting with face masks. Maia, being a holistic esthetician loves to find new ways to nourish the skin.  The one she came up with this month was to use 1 tbs of plain full fat greek yogurt mixed with 1 teas organic honey.  Leave on for 15 min then scrub off with a 1 tbs  of sugar.  So easy and yet left our skin soft and glowy.Maia mask

We finished off January with Yoga in the Glow at Sheyafoga.  Leah – the owner had a special class to celebrate her birthday – complete with a DJ!  Class was a blast as everyone had some white or neon color on complete with neon necklaces/bracelets.  Lights were off, black lights on and music played as Leah lead the flow.  Way to celebrate!glow yoga

Keep growing and discovering!!



One thought on “New Year – New Challenges – New Discoveries

  1. Always love reading your posts! So glad 2015 is off to a great start.

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