Swaying Trees

Spring in Seattle has been incredible!  The sun is out more than in previous years as it shines on trees and flowers blooming.  We have been inspired to get more serious about running.  We have started our Spring session of the girls running group we coach and have been met with mostly sunny runs followed with yoga stretches on the soft green grass.  The girls are training hard, running laps and hills as they gear up for a celebration run around Greenlake. run hills  Building mileage andtree pose with girls speed has also been a focus of ours. Julie has just started running a little more seriously and plans on running a Mother’s Day 5k, hoping some of her family members will join her. At this point that would be a feat after 6 knee surgeries and 2 achilles surgeries  We have been able to make our runs fun by trying new routes, always finishing with a mediative legs up the tree.   Our runs take us out in Kirkland along Lake Washington, and another day we stay on the west side and take a different view of the lake on our run.  Different runs, same lake but different perspectives.  Always a good thing!partner stretch

Beyond the normal Ravenna Run and Greenlake Run we have ventured over to Volunteer Park to run some loops – keeps things interesting.  Of course going to Volunteer Park puts us in restaurant heaven – Capitol Hill.  Can’t go up that way without trying out a well deserved Happy Hour after a run!  We hit up Tallulah’s which is always good – but this time we had chocolate cake.  We both love chocolate cake, not the flourless kind, the old fashioned frosted chocolate that is our thing.  Tallulah’s does an incredible cake, great decadency after a run!!  cake2legs up tree

Yoga is always near and dear to our hearts and we continue to practice regularly in studios around town and throwing in yoga moves after our runs.  Once again we hit up Shefayoga’s Flow and Glow in early April.  Leah’s class is more of a party with black lights and a DJ – definitely a fun and energetic workout.  We also discovered boat yoga taught by Jackie.  The class is the last Monday of the month on a boat moored in South Lake Union called the Virginia V.  Being on the top deck moving through a slow flow in the waning light on the lake is a magical experience.  Perfect, particularly on warm summer days.  We definitely will be hitting up her class again!flow and glow

Of course we are always up for 30 day challenges – this time we went for a 30 day mediation challenge with Faith Hunter on DoYouYoga.com.  What worked for us, was the mediation was short 5 – 15 minutes, which was good practice for our wandering minds.  Faith had a different intention everyday for the 30 day challenge that kept the mediation interesting.  We now try to incorporate just short mediations in our daily lives.

On a different note we went to an event called Rock the Detox.  A fun event at the Kari Gran Skincare HQ in South Lake Union.  Lively and informed discussion from panelists on nutrition, skin care, naturopathic medicine and fitness.  Maia in particular, is very interested in wellness, and works as a holistic esthetician and a skin care consultant.  Bonus were free B12 shots and their signature cocktail of sparkling grapefruit, raspberry and vodka – nice combo!

B12 Shots

B12 Shots

Our motivation coming into the long days of summer is to flow with the moment.  Like a tree swaying in the breeze, sway and flow with the moment – see where it takes you!sway trees 3


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