Balance on Both Sides of the Pond

As the days start cooling down heading into Fall, we reflect on the summer.  What a summer it has been – hot and sunny days stretching for weeks – very unlike the Pacific Northwest!  We took advantage of the delightful weather to be outside as much as possible.  Seattle has outdoor yoga classes throughout the summer and boy did we take advantage of them!  We tried to find an outdoor yoga class in the sculpture garden but couldn’t find it so improvised on a lovely evening with legs up the railing.  As we were enjoying the view from our railing a man from Dubai asked us what we were doing and joined in!Guy from Dubai  Always good to send the postive juju of yoga around whenever possible.  Every week we searched out an outdoor studio.  In Cowen Park we went to a sweet yoga class led by the YMCA, the teacher incorporated animal frolics qigong into the practice. cowen park yoga   We hit up Jackie’s boat yoga in Lake Union a couple of times.  What a view from the top deck of the Virginia V and the urban water sounds as we moved through our poses. BogaJasyoga Jasyoga was our weekly go to at Greenlake – wonderful way to reset after a day of work in the soft evening lake breeze. A vigorous outdoor yoga class in South Lake Union Park was led by the staff at Be Luminous Yoga Studio.  The class was more like a yoga party, with a DJ and yoga teacher that would suddenly change gears and have everyone dance or high 5 each other.  Even better the class was a fund raiser for Youthcare. Nice to be a part of such positive energy that went into a good cause.Youthcare fundraiser

We indulged in other summer activities, taking advantage of the hot summer. Swimming with our dogs at Lake Washington in the morning on weekends was a great time.  Julie definitely does not like to be cold in the water – this summer was no problem.  Nice to start a weekend morning swimming around with the dogs, water was calm and very few people around – what a treat!Swimming with Dogs

We were able to get out for some early summer hikes.  Our favorite was an 8 miler off Chuckanut Drive we did with family members.  We even threw in a little dancer pose celebrating the visit of Drew (grandson and nephew).  Being a part of a big family – 6 members of our nuclear family and now growing with spouses, boyfriends and grandchildren – is what we love – time spent together.Dancer With DrewFragance Lake Hike

Which brings Julie to a special trip she took this summer to London.  Erin and Mark (daughter and son in law), are living in London and expecting their first child soon.  Erin, being a yoga teacher and owner of Jasyoga, meant we did some yoga London style!  We took in a rooftop yoga sesh one morning.  London Rooftop Yoga Julie tried to fit in going to prenatal yoga class with Erin.  Such a joy to be with Erin and Mark in this exciting stage of their lives!Prenatal Yoga

Balance is what we worked on this summer.  Yoga outside is something we totally enjoy – the freedom of being outdoors and taking in all the sounds and sights of summer. Family time is special for  us and anytime any members can join us in our activities the better.  Of course, Julie feels very lucky to have also had some special time on the other side of the pond.  As she walked with Erin throughout the beautiful parks in London, she felt such gratitude for the life she has.Walk in London Park

Life is constantly flowing, going with the flow, we believe is the key to finding balance.


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